Software Outsourcing & Nearshoring"

Since 2005 Akota provides quality software for outsourcing services for clients. We have in place software outsourcing process to provide our long-term customers maximum value with minimal cost of software development and maintenance. Our quality outsourcing services are a convenient and efficient way for companies to survive and grow.

Location of our development center is located in Skopje, Macedonia.The location in South-Eastern Europe and the Central European Time Zone enables significant benefits to our customers in Europe and the Middle East in terms of software outsourcing services.

Our development center is proven by a wide range of software development technologies and project management practices. Specifically we currently provide expertise with the following software platforms:

  • Java, Grails;
  • Python;
  • Php;
  • Android.

We provide project management using the following methodologies and tools:

  • SCRUM;
  • Lean product development;
  • Continuous integration.


Additionally, we are able to implement various levels of integration with customers, Close integration team to complete independent work on established specifications.

Over the years we have developed a precise process that assures our customers' requirements. 

Typical services that supply under our outsourcing contracts:

  • Application support
  • Customer support
  • System administration
  • Project management
  • Software engineering

For more information contact us at info (at)